I thought it would be fun to put together a website for our family and friends. Originally I wanted to purchase a URL such as “www.jamesfamily.com,” but of course we have one of the most popular last names in the country, so that didn’t pan out like I wanted. Then I tried to think of another name, something that would describe our family perfectly. Sure enough, “www.redneckfamily.com” was available to purchase, so I snagged it.

Sure, when you think about the definition of a “Redneck” you may think of someone who has 3 cousins named Bubba, or someone who has actually financed their tattoo. However, in this case the definition is a person who just likes to have an ‘ol fashion good time. We’re all rednecks at heart!

NOTE: I’m still working on putting some substance into this website, so please check back occasionally to see what’s new.

Hope ya’ll enjoy!

-Andrea James










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